Help with some basic docs&understandings of how to programming on gameshell

I’m new here, I would like to buy a gameshell and try some c++ programmings on gameshell. So I am investigating what I can do on gameshell. I looked over the topics but still don’t have a general idea about how to do this.

What I know is gameshell is running linux with arm cpu, as far as I know, I can compile a c++ program
and run it on gameshell in a few minutes.

Any reference/docs will help, Thanks.

There are alot of good docs and tutorials for Raspberry, you could refer to them for example the ones from element14:

They are pretty complete and cover most important topics:

01 - Hello Raspberry Pi

02 - Reading User Input

03 - If Statement

04 - For Loops

05 - While Loops

06 - Functions

07 - Data Types

08 - Arrays

09 - Structures

10 - Classes

11 - Pointers

12 - Dynamic Arrays

13 - Linked List

14 - Linked List Operations

15 - STL List/Vector

16 - Templates

17 - Inheritance

18 - File I/O

19 - Strings

20 - Constants

21 - Hash Tables

It says there Raspbian comes with all of the tools that we need to start programming, so let’s dive in.They are meaning that the g++ compiler is installed already.

I can´t remember if GameShell had g++ by default, in any case you could install it with
sudo apt-get install g++


Thanks for the link/docs.
Actually I’m a game programmer working on console/ios games. but I am not familar with hardware like clockworkpi/Raspberry Pi. I’m confused about the workflow on GameShell.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • GameShell runs a linux based Debian. So I could do almost “everthing” that I can do on linux based system.
  • GameShell has a launcher, which has GUI for setting, launching other apps, etc.
  • I can install programs like RetroArch, with compiling source and configure them on GameShell.
  • There is no GPU driver right now but the board contains a Mali400 GPU. There are some software renderings there.
    It seems that v0.3 has a lima opengl driver for this.
  • I can compile source on GameShell, meanwhile I can compile source on PC(with arm configure) and run it on GameShell.
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