Making a GameShell Application(?)


I want to create my own interface / application on the GameShell that has the same look and feel as the rest of the Launcher on Gameshell.

What Im Doing: Im wanting to work on a application that connects to my FTP server and pulls rom files to the gameshell over the network from my personally ran FTP Server. Though I want the UI to look like the gameshell launcher.

What I am asking for: Whats a good way to learn and start doing this? What language does the launcher use (or should I use).



heya, nice project idea i dont lnow you actual level of programing so i say wath my programer friend told to every person how wanting remake world of warcraft in theyr garage :

“you should start small, programmation isnt made in a day.”

lua should be a nice point of start for understanding the basics of programing, why not make a ball breaker tweaked with a funny thingy twist during the first gamejam of the clockwork comunity ?

after this you will can try add a leaderboard for understand network stuff and at the end, do a “updater” for learn how start a download and process files from code

you could directly try mounting your network data on local fs using sshfs,
systemd could also automount it on network connection

by exemple >

so you could directly mount & “stream” rom on demand without changes in the launcher or emulators

actual launcher is in python, a rewriting in “go” is on the way,
launcher just call shell scripts who can do anything and more commonly just execute a binary

you can create your own launcher with any language & library you want,
don’t miss gameshell own a classic full debian, so as long the package you need is in apt, got an arm build or can be compiled it’s ok