Getting Started

Salutations, GameShell community! I just received this device as a present, and I’m interested in learning more about how to use this piece of technology properly. I have a couple of questions, and I hope someone can answer them.

  1. What are the capabilities of the GameShell?
  2. How can I take full advantage of those capabilities?

The promo video does a good job showcasing the GameShell’s capabilities: video

In short, it has a modular design to allow it to be used as a console, controller, speaker, etc. It also allows for emulations of both existing games and new games. If you know how to program (or would like to) you can make the games on the GameShell itself since it is also computer.

To make the most of it, learning how basic digital electronics (look up simple Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects to get an idea) and how to program (Python would be a good place to start, and PyGames or Pyglet will let you make games with it) will be useful skills to have with the GameShell to take full advantage of it’s capabilties.

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Thanks! I’d definitely like to learn some Python. I’ve never heard of Arduino. Pyglet sounds trendy, but I’m already busy learning PowerShell. Hopefully I can build a Missile Defense analog!

If you’re learning PowerShell, I’d advise investing some time learning the basics of Bash as well, it’s the Unix analog to Powershell (which is what you’d be using on the GameShell in the terminal).

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@TrapaPie I would suggest checking out the Linux Documentation Project.
Specifically that site has the Bash Guide for Beginners in HTML or PDF formats. Whilst it is a little old, it is still current to the version of Bash that will probably be used in the linux OS.
That site also has a wealth of other Linux documents if you are just starting out.

@TrapaPie Also I would suggest looking at The MagPi Magazine. It is more geared towards RaspberryPi, but there are some good guide books there and the free back issues are a great resource with plenty of ideas for projects and helpful information.

Awesome share, thanks @R37R0

@R37R0 Thanks for the resources! I still have an old raspberry pi, one of the bigger models. I guess I’ll retrieve that equipment to make myself familiar with this project.