High packet loss with CM4 unit

My uConsole CM4 is having slow WiFi issues, causing packet loss:

--- ping statistics ---
24 packets transmitted, 10 received, 58.3333% packet loss, time 23306ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 6.530/13.707/42.192/10.259 ms

How can I troubleshoot this?

Try this. By default the CM4 uses the antenna built into the CM4’s PCB, which is burried deep inside the aluminum case (essentially a faraday cage). You need to tell it to use the antenna cable that you plugged into the CM4.

You might also want to put a little bit of non-conductive space between the antenna and the case. A bit of sugru or double sided foam tape tends to work wonders. Some users have 3D printed plastic antenna mounts.


Perfect! That surely solved it.