Unstable wifi, almost no connectivity

I got a CM4 lite. Wifi does not work and shows almost no connectivity even being 2m from the AP. I tried installing the antenna to the two ports in the console and none of them works better than the other

I work with multiple raspberry pi, esp32, … and none of them has had this problem. I need to try 20 times to just load google.com

Anybody else has this problem or is this a faulty unit/antenna?

For CM4 Lite the antenna connects to the CM4 not the baseboard as it does for other cores.

There are reports that the CM4 lite defaults to using the internal intenna instead of the external. Select it by adding dtparam=ant2 to your /boot/config.txt and rebooting:

sudo sh -c 'echo "dtparam=ant2" >> /boot/config.txt'

Remember to follow the build instructions, the antenna wire connects to the CM4 module and not to the uConsole main board.

that said, I use an external USB WiFi adapter for mine. A cheap one with a big rubber antenna ( RT5370 Chip). I do this because my reception at my house is so poor with all devices, not just the uConsole.

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Yeah tried both with identical bad results

Yes, also tried that and it seemed to work even worse performing that edition. Tried two times :confused:

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It looks like the original FPC 2.4G/5G antenna for uConsole is not that powerful on my side, and I have to replace it due to poor signal. Here is a picture of my new PCB antenna.

My situation is not that bad as yours, and I can still maintain a stable and fast enough connection within 3m from the AP. The new antenna greatly improve the connectivity.

Where did you buy that one?
But it’s so strange: exactly in the same place where I get no connectivity with the uConsole (also tried with the back lid open), I can perfectly connect with an ESP8266 or an RPI4, both of them with no antenna.

I bought the antenna on Taobao. It’s 49mm long and 8mm wide, 0.8mm thick, advertised having 5dB gain. I think you’ll find similar ones on aliexpress. I chose this one just because it has a suitable size.

BTW my esp based devices with on board antenna are also working great in the same environment.

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The stock antenna is kinda crap. Almost wondering if some of them have bad solder points.

There is another thread where some of us tried alternate antennas


Went this route and ordered a wifi antena. Will report with the results

Were you able to solve your wifi issues? I just assembled mine and basically lose my wifi connection when beyond line-of-sight to my wifi antenna

Its to do with the actual cable of the antenna itself touch either the board or the body ive heard people getting a much better result by having that cable “float” or making sure theres padded tape so its isolated, maybe some sort of insulation like shrink tube might help

Sounds odd; these cables are coaxial, so the outside part of the cable is ground anyway and then there’s a pretty thick coating outside of that (the black one).
I’d assume it has something to do with all the metal around the antenna. It might help to put a spacer (like foamy / thick double-sided tape) between antenna and uConsole metal case.

I left the backing on the glue side of the antenna and taped it down with very thin double sided tape. I get good wifi reception with the stock antenna. My thinking was that the added capacitance this might add would help with the signal reception. I also did the same with the 4G antenna. I have yet to have a problem getting a signal.

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With such a small gap, capacitance is indeed more likely to be the issue / solution than shielding through the metal that I assumed could be the culprit.

If nothing else, it dosen’t take much in the way of insulation from the metel frame to improve reception. Laying an antenna right against metel is just asking for reception problems. If I recall correctly, the side of the antenna with the glue is metallic. Which would shunt most of the signal to the case. My memory is not great though, just a thought.

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The cases are all painted, so they’re already insulated from the crappy flex pcb antenna.

This is what I’m getting on iperf3 with a real external antenna.

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