How can I find my GameShell's MAC address?

The title says it all. My college campus requires a MAC address to add certain devices, but I can’t find it at all in the settings.

do you know how to ssh into gs?

you can have mac address in ssh by typing

sudo ifconfig

and it is a good point that shows mac address in wifi’s info page
this feature will be done in next launcher’s update


The MAC address is the same thing as the id thing in tiny cloud. (I think) Please correct me if i’m wrong. Also welcome to the community.

This is wrong.

You’re mixing up IP addresses and MAC addresses. The latter is for setting white/block lists, port forwarding, access control etc, and can be used to set static IP addresses etc; no doubt what the OP is trying to obtain.

Also, strange necro post. @Trigger215 should be welcoming you, since they’ve been here for over 10 months.

Oh, now I kind of feel embaresed. Because in a video, the dude was using this thing, and for mac address, he put ip address.

Unless you’re setting up port rules/IP allocation/using a work infrastructure, there’s no real need to use a MAC address under normal circumstances.

Just make sure you check up you know what the difference is between the two. I have no idea what the videos people keep watching for tips are, but the ones I’ve seen are out of date or contain misinformation.

I’m not sure why this thread was suddenly bumped, but yes, it’s very rare that you’ll need to use MAC addresses. In the end, however, I ended up not needing it, since the college campus closed down a few months after I made this topic and I no longer live in the dorms.

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