How “randomizers” are breathing new life into old games

This article talks about randomizers of old games, I’m wondering how many of these old game remix can be played on GameShell. Any one has experiences and recommendations?

These’s also this big list of video game randomizers, if you would like to explore.


I’ve been playing the “Super Metroid Arcade” Romhack over the last week. Works great on the Gameshell. It Randomizes the rooms and turns the game into a Roguelike.

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Thanks! @CommanderKitler That looks fun!
I never tried this, looks like RetroArch support these soft-patching these .IPS file. I will give it a try later. btw., Unlike complete ROM files, .IPS files are legal to distribute. Let’s bring them here :wink:

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Cool, I didn’t know Retroarch could do that. I just hard-patched them using lipx. :man_shrugging: