How ti set datetime in my uconsole

I just get my uconsole as a newbee.

My datetime is always showing as April 5,2022.

I tried sudo raspi-config, not work. Datetime not changes at all. I thought the datetime will auto update with wifi, but it is now.

Anyone can show me some tips?

this is not special to the uconsole, just use the regular commands for linux.

ex. date -s '2019-10-17 12:00:00'

You can also use the “Raspberry Pi Configuration” program (main menu → Preferences → Raspberry pi Configuration) The date and time settings are in the “Localisation” tab.

But the time doesn’t update automatically for each reboot. After several days not using, it falls behind again.

Why it cannot sync the clock via wifi?

it should, my devterm does. so does every other compter i have that has network access. I just flash a new sd for the devterm and 10s or so after i connected to wifi the time updated.

my uconsole didn’t flash datetime and quite inconvenient

sorry i could not resist: