How to add shortcuts to games in standalone emulators?

Hey , i read this guide

and it explains how to do launchers for retroarch but how do i do them for PCSX2 standalone and other standalone emulators?

this bit here

retroarch -L /home/cpi/.config/retroarch/cores/ /home/cpi/games/MAME/

How do i make it into game launchers for PCSX or for pocketsnes or other standalones if possible

you dont have v0.4 image right?

in v0.4 os image ,we included pcsx standalone, pocketsnes,you can have them rightway

If you want to make your own standalone emulator launcher item, all you need to do is make a right action.config,upload the binary zip(or else) to somewhere can be directly downloaded

Example(in v0.4 image):

in ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro\ Games/

you can checkout the action.config of each one,

like pcsx and pocketsnes


ROM_SO=/home/cpi/apps/emulators/pcsx -cdfile
TITLE=Pcsx Roms



so basicly ,ROM_SO became the binary ,and the LAUNCHER just empty

OK, I am on 0.4 , i don’t think you get what i actually meant-

I mean launchers juts for specific GAMES. So it will just launch a specific ps1 game from a launcher. I already can make launchers for the emulators. Like if i just want to launch Crash Bandicoot with its own launcher.

If you can launch the specific game from SSH, simply put the command into the ROM_SO line and leave ROM empty. Usually, just add the ROM path after the emulator path.

Yeah idk waht you mean exactly but i have standalone launchers working for


(all standalone)

but for PCSX, its not as easy. The same method doesnt work when i tried to make a launcher for that

hey man did you figure it out?
I want to creat a CTR shortcut too but seems it doesn’t work like the other emulators.
Hope I can get some help here.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also want to do the same, but still not successful yet

Hi Guys,

I have found something here is my action file :
ROM_SO=/home/cpi/apps/emulators/PCSX/pcsx -cdfile

I have install my standlone PCSX in =>> home/cpi/apps/emulators/PCSX/
After just pointed on pcsx file to work with some parameter after here > -cdfile .
The game now lunch directly from the menu, so perfectly !!
(Sorry for my english I’m French)

Hope it help you :wink:

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Hi hi! Welcome to the forums. :slightly_smiling_face: Nice! Thanks for that. Good to know his things work.
Just out of interest, but which version of cpi OS are you using? This I think was exactly what you needed to do in 0.3. However I could be wrong, but I think 0.4 has something similar set. I don’t have my gameshell on me to check, but it also loads PSX ISO’s from the launcher menu.
Knowing the commands for PCSX is useful nonetheless!!

Hello Javelin,
Thank you! This forum is so usefull.
Actually I’m on 0.4 os version
Have made lot of test and work very nice with all rom format launch direcly from the menu, so much better than the libretro core pcsx version :slight_smile:
And this enchanced video option so good!
Just have question is it possible to found an standalone pcsx latest version compatible with gs? Some feature missing on actual version (like for diablo, eve, etc…)

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If you go into the ~/launcher/ directory you should be able to reinstate any plugins or additional features that have been omitted.
From experimenting, the stock stuff pretty much works the best, but post back if you find something good.

Great! You’re awsome
Of course if I found something interesting, I’ll post it here :wink:

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