How to bind L1/R1 on LightKey add-on to be "page down/page up" in list of ROMs?

So I have the LightKey, and i love it! I would like to map its L1/R1 buttons to be page down/page up in the list of ROMs within my emulators.

I’ve gone through the $HOME/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg and also have run retroarch interactively, but can’t find anything obvious to indicate page down/page up, which leads me to believe it’s not a retroarch thing, but in fact the UI that clockPi uses.

Does anyone have any idea where those config files are, or how i can map my LightKey buttons to be page down/page up in my list of ROMs?


Just go to user 1 input binds, and map L and R to the keys, with unified controls enabled it should work right away

Hmm, where is “user 1 input binds”? If you mean within retroarch, I do not see that. Within retroarch I see “Input Hotkey Binds” but I do not see which item to change. BTW I do have Unified Menu Controls set to ON.

Try setting “Max Users” to either 1 or 2. You may have to reload that Input menu for it to show up once you do that. Then it should be right under the “Input Hotkey Binds” option.

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Thank you @DEVINisMETAL, that did the trick! I was able to edit the user1 bindings! As it turns out, they were correctly set to the (“h” for L1 and “l” for R1). However, the L1/R1 buttons still do not work as page up/page down when viewing the list of ROMs within each emulator.

Any ideas?

Thank you again!

@rickt hmmmm. It seems to be working for me if you are doing this from within Retroarch menus. But it does not work from the Launcher > Retro Games > NES (example) > Directory.

Set max users to anything other than zero