Retroarch cant bind inputs

I followed the retroarch mega thread and I can navigate the retroarch menu no problem. But when I try and change controls and it asks me to press the button I want the new bind to be no input registers. I have been kicking myself over and over and can not figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think in the current version of the gameshell OS something is broken with binding keys in retroarch, so to get around this i did the following:

cd .config/retroarch
sudo nano retroarch.cfg

then once you are in the new screen press CTRL + W and type


now you can see all the player1 bindings, look for the basics like A, B, X and Y then you can change the keys to be what you like.

once you are done editing press CTRL + X to exit and then yes or no to save.

These are the actual keys that the gameshell emulates with the keypad:

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Wow awesome, this has been driving me crazy.

Where do you type all that? In SSH?

Anybody found how this issue can be fixed? I mean to fix editing it within retroarch. I understand that everything can be fixed through ssh but what is the point if you can’t do it on the fly?

As I only configured the bindings once, I didn’t mind doing it via SSH. I guess that’s something that would have to get fixed in RA, wouldn’t it?

If you’re talking about binding keys by selecting them, and trying to push the appropriate key, I think this is something to do with the arduino keyboard not technically being a HID device, but literally a keyboard. What’s strange is that in the menu, it still is referred to as a Retropad.

One “workaround” that I’ve been using is using the quick menu in RetroArch.
Assuming you’ve got a workable setup, and just want to remap keys;

  1. Load up a ROM that uses RetroArch, ie not a standalone emulator.
  2. Use your hotkey to enter the RetroArch menu. (shift + menu by default)
  3. You will be in the Quick Menu, which is different to the Main Menu. If not, hit your “back” button until you are at the root menu, then select it. Go to the bottom and select “CONTROLS” (You can completely customise this menu from “menu>settings>user interface>views>quick menu”)
  4. Go down the menu, and find the key you want to remap. Thankfully, you do this by scrolling left or right with the D-Pad; not the aforementioned key input/timeout method.
  5. Optional: Save the core remap file so that all games you use with the chosen emulator core will use the same key mapping. Eg, I prefer to set the “Y as B” and “B as A” for NES, GBA, GB etc. (Assuming you’re using SNES mapping)
  6. Alternatively you can also have it set on a per game basis. Great for some games that 100% require usage of the L/R light keys, but you prefer to keep your console slimline. I also have an alternative “90 degree” setup for when playing Gunbird on mame, where I have the screen in portrait orientation.
  7. As of 0.4, the included mame 2003 plus uses an analogue joystick input, and for the majority of games doesn’t work. We will need go change the control mapping to “digital”
  8. Enter the quick menu as mentioned above, and go into the “OPTIONS” for the mame core. If it’s not there, you’ll need go toggle it in the “user interface>views>quick menu” list.
  9. Change “control mapping” from analogue to digital. AFAIK, the majority of games in the 0.78 ROMset that mame 2003 plus uses doesn’t require an analogue stock, and get broken when analogue is enabled.
  10. I also changed the “input interface” to “simultaneous”