How to enable the AP6256 on the main board

I have a uConsole with CM4. There is another WiFi chip AP6256 on the main board.
I would like to know how to enable it. Should I change the device tree of CM4 ?



I don’t have a uConsole yet but it was my understanding that the WiFi chip on the mainboard is the default one. The document as well as most YouTube video builds I’ve watched show the antenna connecting to the mainboard and not the CM4. Also, if you order from clockworkpi they give you a CM4 lite with no WiFi so you would have to use the antenna connection on the mainboard.

If you are using the OS image provided by clockworkpi I believe it should be activated. You may need to move the antenna connection.

If I have CM4, I’d like to do the same thing! I’m using CM3 in uConsole which utilizes the module on the main board. However, user reported that CM4’s WiFi/BT won’t work unless removing those dts lines enabling WiFi/BT for CM31(which should uses the same pin(id) on CM3 & CM4, I think).

Have fun tinkering anyway :smiley:


I could not agree with you. Regardin the assembly guidline and the youtube video The uConsole Is The Coolest All-New DIY Handheld We’ve Ever Had Our Hands On ( the WiFi/BT chip on the CM4 instead of the one on the mainboard is used.

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Correction: If you order the kit with the CM4, the module they supply you with is the 4GB Lite variant with wireless. Note the model number they indicated as on the product page: CM4104000. In a CM4 Lite with wireless, the antenna connection is located around the certification marks.

I don’t know how I missed this. Could have sworn when I looked up the model number it said it was a no WiFi model. I guess that’s nice for me since I’m getting another radio I thought I wasn’t getting.

After studying the schematics of the main board and the CM4 adapter, I found that it is impossible to enable the AP6256 on the main board.
The pins (from GPIO22 to GPIO27 ) used by AP6256 are not connected with the CM adapter.