How to install Debian?

How to install Debian in clockworkpi-a06?

Welcome! Think of DevTerm like a portable raspberry pi. It’s not a laptop, and you can’t just install third-party OS’s on it.

It’s a novel little “terminal” designed for hardware and software hackers. It has no built-in storage - you write a pre-configured image of the OS to a SD card and boot from the card.

ClockworkPi offers an Armbian build - that is Debian. And Manjaro Arm is building devterm-a06 beta releases in the Arch Linux flavor. That’s it. No other distros work, period.

Armbian A06 image:
Manjaro Arm A06 images: Releases · manjaro-arm/clockworkpi-a06-images · GitHub

(Or are you asking how to write a *.img file to an SD card?)

There’s also an Arch Linux build for those who prefer it over Manjaro.

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Good news. A DevTerm user submitted A06 build configs to Armbian. You can now easily build an Armbian current Debian 11 Bullseye image. See screenshots here: So, are there any fixes yet? - #29 by Steven_Boger and build instructions here: So, are there any fixes yet? - #31 by Steven_Boger

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