How to install Kodi in OS V0.21?


I try to install Kodi in my Gameshell, and I use comm-line like follow:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kodi
cd /home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell
echo ‘kodi’ > ‘’
when I finish all over this, and reboot my Gameshell, it has stuck at the loading screen. but after I deleted the,It’s normal again. So, how can I creat a shortcut in the Gameshell Menu.
Notice: the file structures of Os V0.21 is different from the OS V0.1.


I think your command to create the bash script is erroneous that’s why the launcher crashed.

It should have been:

echo kodi >

with no single quotes (’) around the file names

and then give execute permission to the file:

chmod +x

Can you try the above and tell us if it succeeds?


OK, I’ve try @elefas your suggest maybe for 3 ro 4 times, but still stuck at the loading screen, when I finish all the comm-line~


Now, I change the pathway to the /home/cpi/apps/Menu/21_Indie Games ,still stuck~


Are you sure that kodi runs under gameshell? what happens if you try to execute it from console? for sure it won’t launch since you have no UI from the console (ssh) but maybe an error is thrown which might lead you to what is wrong. Have you tried to search the community board here about kodi? has anyone else managed to run it in GameShell?


This is the Topic.


Here what I just did and kodi works

sudo apt install kodi


cd ~/apps/Menu/

and then

echo kodi >

give execute permission

chmod +x

then reload the ui and launch kodi from the launcher menu


THX! it’s work! OMG!


Does Kodi actually work well


not really, resolution is not right, hardly read the info on screen