Could I load .mp4's on here, or an equivalent file type?

I know the gameshell has a music player, but is it possible to add something that can play mp4s? The idea of playing youtube videos I had downloaded the other day on a car ride, or re-watching red vs. blue appeals to me on the part of my brain that likes gadgets that do a lot of things.

Kodi can be installed and works fine for playing video. It has an add-on for YouTube if you wanted to play it directly. (The Reddit add-on works too.) Main problem is reading text on the display, but it can be tweaked as described on this thread. Might be worth hunting for a better skin, if one exists.

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how would I install kodi? or do i just put the set up onto the system?

The link I posted above has information on how to install it. You’ll need to SSH into your gameshell to issue those commands, but it’s just apt-get stuff. They also describe how to make a shortcut. There’s at least one icon for Kodi already posted on the forum. (I know that’s where I got the one I used.) Do a search for “Kodi” in the forums here and you should find all the info. :slight_smile: