Any way to install accelerated VLC/Mplayer, and and Image viewer? -> Kodi works!



I wanted to ask if there’s already info on installing vlc/mplayer and an image viewer on the clockwork pi?

I have found the usual sites on how to install them on the raspberry, but hardware is not exactly the same, so would those work?


So yeah, turns out you can simply install kodi and it works, although I still need to find a working skin for the low resolution :smiley:

To install kodi like always, ssh into the console, then

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kodi

Then add the shortcut:

cd ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/
echo 'kodi' > ''

reboot and done, so far, but with a skin that doesn’t work for low res…

Edit2: Switching to the old “confluence” skin and setting the font size to bigger ALMOST works :smiley:


That’s cool, but how does one switch to the old “confluence” skin? I’m a Kodi newbe.


First, you have to get the skin via “get more”, then you can select it.

I already got the skin, but this short video I made should help anyways. In it I select the Confluence skin and a larger font size

Controls to use are the D-Pad and Start / Menu