How to load core from non default locations?

Novice users are not meant for secure copy scp, nor secure shell ssh and command line operations. They are probably able to navigate through RetroArch it’s configuration and to upload some files with TinyCloud

However the default location for cores on GameShell is /home/cpi/.config/retroarch/cores and when in RetroArch I may download new ones only from the configure URL.

I would like to have a way to be able to load a core of my own. Of course I could reconfigure RetroArch to look in games and upload it there with TinyCloud.

But, does anybody know of another way ?

TinyCloud only gives you the IP. There are programs like WinSCP that are pretty much straight forward because of their GUI and folder browser.


Ok, thank you @Petrakis, I think WinSCP should be ok for casual and novice users.