How to add games to gameshell

I don’t know how to add games new to this type of stuff since I just received my gameshell.

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  1. Connect your device to your wifi network ( this is done on setting wifi )
  2. Go to the home menu ( hit menu ) and scroll right to Tiny cloud.
  3. the scren will show a cloud with eyes but more importantly something that say ssh cpi@
  4. depending on your computer ( I am Mac ), go to kinder and hit Cmd-K to bring up share services.
  5. connect using the above ip address and the id and password of cpi/cpi
  6. Depending on the roms you have ( MAME, GBA, NES ) drag and drop into the games directory and the subfolder of the above. Do not unzip. just drop them
  7. disconnect your device so all buffers are flushed
  8. go back into the menu and go to “retro games”, hit “B” and then chose the emulator ( again MAME, GBA, NES )
  9. you’ll see your zip file. click on it and hit “B” to run
  10. Voila.

help someone else and bring a smile to their face


Same! I’m struggling to get this to work!

Thank you it was really helpful

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Anybody have windows instructions for an IT idiot here?
i get most of what Drizzt said, i just lost him at the part on connecting to the shared services.
in the tiny cloud theres a \\games. Do i type that into the browser to access the cloud services? It say ’ your file is not found ’

you need double \ (backslash) before the IP address, so


yea i did that too but it just says your file was not found. is there any prerequisite of network tinkering that i need to do first before this step?

Your file was not found
It may have been moved or deleted.

Try with \\ if it is the IP that the "“tiny cloud” is reporting without the \game in the end

I should have asked, on why OS are you? Windows? Mac OS X? Linux?

on windows. tried \ - still the same error message

Is the app “tinycloud” still running on the GameShell?

I’m connected, but once I add the .nes files to the Nestopia folder, nothing shows up on the clockwork

yes it says clockworkpi tiny cloud is online

On your windows PC, on the command line can you run


Does it report issue connecting to the IP address?

pinged - no issues. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Do you have WinSCP on your computer? ( )

nope, but i downloaded thru the link you sent

ok i installed it, what do i do now?

Start it, you will get a “login” window,

Select SFTP in File protocol
Put the IP address in the Host name field
Put the login and password that TinyCloud give you (cpi / cpi) in the User name and Password field and clic the Login button

When the app start for the first time it may ask on what type of apparence you want, choose on your own preferences, it does not really matter.

After your clic on login and if the GameShell is working properly, it should ask to “Continue connecting to an unknown server and add its host key to a cache”, answer Yes to that.

Once it is connected you should see the files on the gameshell like the explorer if you selected the explorer mode.

You can then go to the folder you want to copy files, and then upload them from there (drag & drop works well)

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I haven’t used it with windows (don’t have my GS with me right now), but I think you have to type it in your file explorer. Not in an internet browser.