How to run GameShell launcher in Ubuntu?

Hi, yesterday, I wanted to run GameShell launcher in Ubuntu in my laptop, I fellow the README in Github to install all neccessary softwares and library, added and setted user, added configuration file, but I still got an error when I started launcher.
Those are user I created, the softewares I installed by apt, the file tree in cpi user home in ubuntu:

Those are my python and liberary I installed in python2:

I have already created conf file in ~:

but I got an error when I run in apps/launcher/

There is any way to fix that?

Hi, the error states that you are missing gobject and python can´t import it. You might follow this to install it

some other bug came out, i can not install library😭,check here can you help me​:sob::sob::sob::sob: