How to get started with GameShell software

Hello! I just placed an order and I’m so looking forward to receive my GameShell <3

I’ve been looking for documentation on the clockwork OS libraries but I couldn’t find anything. I found the ClockworkPi GitHub organization and the launcher project written in Python and Golang (or Lua?), but nothing like documentation about the UI libraries.

It’s okay if there’s no documentation, but if possible I’d like some pointers of existing projects on how to create applications for the clockwork OS (UI libraries, etc.)

Many thanks!

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Thank you very much for your attention.

First of all, because the lack of enough developers
so there has been no documentation, for the people who wants to join us, it is really sorry

all the UI libraries include python and golang is based on PyGame architecture
I also tried to copy the PyGame architecture in golang ,gogame
but to be honest, it’s still not as good as pygame yet

in the is the base frame
all of the UI widgets based on Widget class
and the second import widget is Page
every content to show is on a Page
and every page is on MainScreen class,there is only one MainScreen at all

when you want to create a new content page,just create a class Inheritance of Page class

also I use list item style as the way to show content normally

so In Page ,use MyList[] to store the items , Page will do the scroll up/ scroll down for you

and I set the every parts of the launcher as the python loadable object , like .so file in C

create a folder with ,launcher will see it as a python package ,and will autoly import it

in, the entry object is called APIOBJ, you can see it everywhere

two API functions do the job,Init and API

I think a simple helloworld would be easier to start, it’s a simple and easy, or even a little bit rough program

sorry for the poor english if I made any misleadings

python is not binary ,so that’s why we want launchergo to be here
16000 lines python code took a lot time to load
In the future, we will try to reduce the python codes, and maybe someday ,switch to a binary launcher


GoLauncher is still very buggy and need a lot of development work. But the py Launcher is to be abandoned. Is that correct?

Thank you so much for your help, I understand the lack of documentation and this isn’t a problem at all.

I went through the code and I have a better idea of how it works now. I’m looking forward to get my GameShell and give all this a try, and possibly end up with a nice blog post about everything you shared with us :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am trying to get a cross development environment for the ClockWork so c/c++ development will be easier. if anyone has already started this or has any details on a working environment I would love to know about it

I’m going to give it a try this weekend and report back.

By the way, I wrote a small guide about this: [Tutorial] Cross compile SDL2 C(++) applications from Linux to clockworkOS, also available on


perfect. I will take a look through it and likely use it to get things setup and tested.