How to start with gameshell?

Someone who can recommend me Linux and Github tutorials because I really do not understand how to start using gameshell.


basically, connect wifi first, GS only support WPA2 encrypted wifi network
then open tiny cloud
hopefully you have some exp about linux ,ssh ,that will help you understand GS better

Use windows explorer or samba under linux to copy and paste games to the game folder
like MGBA,MAME,NESTOPIA from default

big advise to go to settings → Update to update the Launcher first ,since shippment started
a lot changed by a lot members of this community

MGBA supports with these gb,gbc,gba,gbx extensions of roms
MAME is zip
NESTOPIA is zip,nes


Here’s a tutorial that looks decent on first glance. It should get you going to connect to your Gameshell via SSH and explore the files on it:

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When i got my GS the MGBA Emulation had awful audio lag, which was actually a setting in Retroarch. So i’d highly recommend going over Retroarch and the Settings first, as excellently described here

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Moved to Q&A, this is not a tutorial.

Thanks I was able to spend some games, the problem is that I configure bad RetroArch and now I can not do anything.

Same but there are some helpful tutorials here. I recommend @nouty and @DisruptItYourself


Post 2 of the RetroArch Megathread above gives you instructions on how to replace the config file to restore the setting to default.


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I will review them thanks, I already saw it but I do not understand very well how to replace it.

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Thank you very much for the information, you have helped me a lot.

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