I want to use my own sd card, what do I need to do to get it to work

Just got my gameshell, I have a 32 gb sd card and I’d like to use that instead of the 16gb they sent me. How does it need to be formatted and do I need to download the OS or anything to get it to work?

I tried looking at the 16gb sd they sent but when I put it into my pc it says it needs to be formatted first, so I can’t even see whats on it.

It says it needs to be formatted because the disk is in a format the pc doesnt (wholly) understand, because it already has the GameShell OS flashed onto it. Once you flash another sd card your computer will say the same thing for that onem it needs to be formatted. (and you shouldnt format it unless thats what you actually want to do.)

But to use my own sd card do I need to add gameshell os to it?

Yes you need to add the gameshell OS to it, theres a program called etcher

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Thanks I found the file and used Etcher, super easy and my Gameshell is working!

Do you know if you still need to use gparted to expand the partition? Or is that issue overall resolved?

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You still need to use gparted to grow the partition after flashing. You can use unetbootin to make a ubuntu or gparted live USB flash, boot into that and then expand the partition that way.

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All of this stuff has already been discussed…

I feel like not enough personal research is being done before you jus give up and ask someone for the answer.

This forum is going to get very confusing and oversatirated with “like posts” of this keeps occurring.


OK I was actually about to ask about this, my 32gb sd card says 3 gb of 7 used, I’ll check this out thanks.

Is it really neededd to make a live usb just to alter the partitions? Can it be done any other way? Is there a program on windows that can do it or maybe using a VM (which is still a bit of a pain…).

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Yeah I looked into gparted and it looks like a serious pain, I don’t fully understand it but it looked like you can just use yumy to turn it into a unbuntu disk, but I don’t know if thats all thats necessary. none of the reviews of the gameshell told me it would such a pain in the ass, it’s great for people that like this stuff but jesus I thought it was just an emulation device

See my post here to find a script that will expand your file system on the fly, inside the Gameshell: GameShell won't recognize my 64gb card

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Wow it worked great, thanks alot mate, great script! First I heard of it, i’ll try and get the word out there some more for you!

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Thanks, you’re welcome!
I already put the link into every thread I could find, but I may have missed some :wink:

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It will be nice somebody that really know about this to make a complete video tutorial, in this way everybody will know exactly what to do. Is here somebody that can do it?