I would like a new screen

Hi, I hope that everyone are having a great day. My current screen has some scratches and because the gameshell it is a modular device, I would to know if there’s any way that I can buy a new screen without buy a new gameshell, thank in advance.

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you can get new plastic on the site your actual screen is scratched? I wish they would make a gorilla glass option id buy that in a heart beat!

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Thank you for your response

Let me ask you, what do you mind on site? Because if you are talking about the official website, there is not any option to purchase the screen that btw that the only thing that I do need for my gameshell

Yes, you are right, would be cool if they sell you a gameshell with a gorrila glass

Yea your right you have to buy all the plastic together! kinda silly

@lemaster If you have a scratch on plastic shell of the screen then it is easier to polish it. For example you can use pcs of fiber and tooth paste) What is the point of ordering new one if it gonna be same soon…
If it is screen itself then it is bad.

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That would actually be an interesting mod, dremelling out the existing plastic screen, and placing a glass panel in front of the LCD. Once my screen gets scratches up more, I’ll give it a try. Or alternatively print out a spare lcd case top lid, modifying the STL file. Sounds like a weekend plan! :slight_smile:

Another thing I used to use on my gameboy as a kid was brasso. Using a fine micro fibre cloth, it would get it up to a shine as good as new, without any hazing or streaks. Dare I say it, if actually made the plastic harder and less prone to scratches.

For my bike computer, after having a stack and seriously scratching it, I used some heavy duty stuff called Autosol. It would remove even deep scratches, however keep in mind that any abrasive buffing to remove scratches does so by removing a physical layer of material.

Also keep in mind that these two above will dissolve away any paint or decals that it comes into contact with. The grey borders on the left and right of the screen will fade, and be afflicted.

There used to be some phone screen repair fluids that supposedly did so by filling

My plastic screen shell came with a deeper scratch right in the box. I was also thinking that some glass front panel option would be 1000 times better also with clarity and look. Some repacement screen shells is also a good idea. If someone makes a glass version, I’ll buy it right away. :raising_hand_man:

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