Install 64bit OS on the CM3

I have a DevTerm with the CM3 module and would like to be in 64 bit mode. I do have a couple of programs that need 64 bit mode. I have a Pi Zero 2W that is running in 64 bit mode and it has the same processor, but just stuffing that SD card in my DevTerm doesn’t work as there isn’t the proper display patches. Another quick test of the CM4 64 bit load didn’t do any better. I do have the uConsole on order with the R-01 processor and may want the CM3 in that at some point.


This first link talks about how to modify an OS for use for the CM4 on the DevTerm. The instructions use RaspberryPiOS, and i don’t see why this wouldn’t work with the 64bit version, but i haven’t tried any of this. The 2nd link leads to the official Raspberry Pi OS images page.

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