Idea for new members

I feel that we are being flooded with new members, which is fantastic news for GameShell! So many new faces!

However, there has also been a huge increase in duped questions, and I feel a lack of personal research by newer users who expect an immediate answer/fix right away is going to be the demise of this forum.

New members should have to be a member for X amount of time before you can create a topic. This will stop the duplicate questions and posts being posted, which will make the forum less cumbersome to navigate.

I’m not knocking the new members… but my inbox has been flooded with people asking me questions that are answered in a clearly labeled threads on this forum. Maybe if we force the people to look around, they will find what they need before they ask!

Just a thought.

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Maybe there is need for a FAQ thread on this forum for the most common questions. If anyone is willing to make the effort on collecting those links, of course.


I can try to put something together this weekend. Maybe PIN it to the top of the message board.

My computer screen konked out last night :frowning: :frowning: but I think that’s a fantastic idea and I’d love to help work on it


Guess it’s time for someone to start making ‘how to’ videos and rolling in the Youtube monies. :rofl:


I intend to do that! I have put up demo videos but nothing concrete as a tutorial yet.

I have 3 kids and ones 8 months so it’s hard to find the time, but I assure you - it’s coming! Haha