Need Input For Thread

Since some folk have been getting their consoles theres been some posts on how to do things. I thought it would be best to create a thread and keep it all in one place if people are happy to contribute to it?

I’d say some rules should be the following:

  • strictly no questions to be asked in the ‘How To Tutorials’ thread (yet to be created if everyone would want it). It should only contain posts on how to do things such as rebooting it or accessing the terminal etc. Useful things that will help those with and without knowledge of computers etc.

  • if you have a question about the tutorials then create a new thread asking for help. This will stop the thread getting cluttered and make it easier to find tutorials.

  • when a new question is added then the author of the tutorial should update the tutorial with the question and answer.

  • the thread should be a sticky providing the website allows it?

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What you’re describing would do much better as something like a shared Google Doc that could be linked onto the forum. That way replies can still be had about the contents of the document, and it will remain at the top of the post ans can be added onto over time.

This removes the need for special rules for a thread or needing to moderate that others abide by those rules for that one thread.

Great ideas! Thank you! I was thinking Wiki type of how-to tutorial but the forum does not support it. We need more help to make this work, any ideas and suggestions are welcome.
While we have created email address to handle any support question and request, We believe this community could provide help to each other with more efficiency.

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We have this category image

I don’t think the best way is a Thread to rule them all. It will not be tidy in the end, it will be a mess. People will ask questions, people will comment on how to do better/different.

I think it’s much better to use the Tutorial category (and others) and have a Thread per “thing” so people can participate.

I didnt realise there was other options. I thought it was a wide open thread with no categories! I came here through google lol. Ah well.