More Gameshell videos on YouTube


As many of us are waiting for our Gameshell it would be nice if you guys that already have one could post more videos of it on YouTube. Playing different games would be really niceto see as well how to add different emulators, which ones are best for Snes, Neo Geo etc. How to add icons for them etc… Or is it just me that have watched all existing videos on YouTube 10 times each :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:?


You’re not alone dude. I’ve watched pretty much every YouTube video on the game shell. And the gameboy zero (I have them Both ordered). I hate waiting!


So you are getting both?! Damn! Would be nice with a comparison once you are up and running :+1::blush:


Yea. I planned to do something like that. I have a gpd xd+ and I wanted to compare them all. The gpd xd+ is awesome. I’ve been putting a lot of time into it already.


Damn! That’s a beast machine, amazing collection :ok_hand:. I thought about that one (but it’s very expensive) and the GB Zero but as I only like retrogames I think the Gameshell will be perfect for me…from all the reviews it looks amazing and I like the look of it. Well, that is if I’ll understand how to add roms and emulators. I just wanna play Neo Geo, Mame, Snes and Nes games :blush::+1:more or less


Yea it is a beast! I love handhelds, and I love that the game shell is modular. I can’t wait for it to arrive.


I’ve been thinking of making a handful of videos for the gameshell as content is scarce at the moment and is love to get this community some extra activity once I get mine.


This was released an hour ago!


Yeah I saw it, the assembly I’ve watched many times. I’m more interested in how to add stuff and to see games being played though :blush::+1:


Here is a video I just made of GBA emulation using gPSP. There seems to be a lot of wonder about the subject, so here it is!

My device ran out of battery at the end. Sorry about the random shut down lol

gpSP not working, even when setting up gba_bios.bin

Thanks for the upload :blush::+1: