Is there a list of default emulators that ship with unit

I have done raspberry pi retro gaming and I am intrigued by this device but I could not find anything on the main website about what emulators are supported out of the box. I see you can spin up retroarch but I was unsure if that was the only method of emulation or if the ClockOS came with some base ones. Thanks

ClockworkOS ships with retroarch installed, with folders and configurations pre-created for:

  • MAME
  • GBA (MGBA)
  • PS1 (PCSX)

But since RetroArch is included, Adding support for other emulators is a breeze with cores, on mine I added SNES, and GB (With options for others, but those are the ones I wanted). Refer to this article for information on adding other emulator support: RetroArch Megathread or even this How to add new emulators (Gameboy, SNES, etc.)

With v0.21 (just released), they also added:

( * Not really retro emulators )

Hope this helps! GameShell runs atop a linux enviroment. So with some quick learning of SSH access, you can do a lot with this little thing!