Best emulators to run

Anyone have suggestions on emulators for NES, Sega and SNES that are compatible with the OS?

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yes, working and fast

nothing more

To actually answer the question though, I assume LibRetro emulators are going to work on it. For a baseline, since we don’t have the GameShell yet, I would check out which emulators work best on Raspberry Pi for now, and see if those work/are-ported over to this system when it comes out.

lr-genesis-plus-gx worked great for Sega consoles
lr-fceumm and lr-nestopia are NES emulators
lr-snes9x2005 is one of several snes9x emulators for SNES games, but that worked the best for me.

The lr is for LibRetro, which aims to make cross-platform support one of their highest priorities.

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You should remove that link. Sharing such sort of content is not really welcome in public places. This is piracy and it is forbidden by law in multiples countries (if not all) and against the rules here.

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Don’t pirate, or at least know the rules so that it technically isn’t pirating.
(AKA You need to rip the roms from games you already own and don’t redistribute roms you have ripped. Technically you can download the roms for games you already own, but we don’t endorse that.)

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