Is there anyone interested in selling a GameShell?

I’ve been wanting to get a GameShell for a long time, and it seems the restock won’t happen after DevTerm ships… If anyone is in the U.S and is willing to sell their GameShell, please comment down below to message me. Much thanks!

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Hi Deehoi!

I live in New Jersey and I bought a red GameShell in December 2020! I did love my time with it, but would be okay selling it. It is built, mint condition, and has two games on it - Pokemon FireRed and Metroid Fusion (save files). It doesn’t have the original box anymore or decals, but I could include it and a charging cable for you. Please let me know if you’re interested still and we can talk price!

Hi Cornelius,

Thank you for the offer! yet sorry I’ve negotiated a deal with another forum user already. I’ll be closing this thread right now.


No problem Dan!