Selling Built Red GameShell US If Anyone Is Interested!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all safe and healthy :slight_smile: I live in New Jersey and I bought a red GameShell in December 2020. I did love my time with it but would be okay selling it. It is built, mint condition, and has two games on it - Pokemon FireRed and Metroid Fusion (save files). It doesn’t have the original box anymore or decals, but I could include the console and a charging cable for you. Please let me know if you’re interested still and we can talk price!

I’d be interested in the motherboard and cables. I have a broken yellow Gameshell I’d like to fix. However, I’d be fine with a full replacement. How much would you be asking for for the whole thing versus just parts?

Also I live in the US.

Hey Nathan!

I had bought mine off eBay December 2020 for $300 (since they weren’t in stock at all and hard to find).
I’d rather just sell the entire console as is if that’s okay?
I’d hope to sell it anywhere between $200-$250? Not sure if that’s feasible. Let me know!


Is this still up for sale?


Yes, it is! Please message me directly and we can discuss price.