Just got my uConsole, black screen

Hi! I just got my uConsole and the screen remains blank. I’m on a CM4 model.

The power LED is green. Screen turns off and on a few times like you’d expect when the system is booting, but remains black. I get no signal over HDMI. I tried re-seating the screen ribbon cable, no dice. The CM4 appears to be running, the CPU gets warm.
I just re-flashed the SD card with uConsole_CM4_v1.3g_64bit.img, no change.

…having re-assembled the machine for the third time trying to figure out what was wrong, the machine decides to display an image and provide HDMI out. I have absolutely zero idea why it is working now, but it does work.

[edit 2]
The screen went black on me once more on me, fading out oddly, and squeezing the unit brought it back. It seems like either the cable is somehow poorly seated (and it’s in there as far as it wants to go, but I could go check for the fourth time), or the cable is shorting out. Bleh.

You did open the latch where the ribbon cable meets the Mainboard right?

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Yeah. Everything seems quite snug, the cable is latched in.

I’ve been having similar issues. Reassembled everything twice, LED is green, screen stays black and no HDMI output. I tried reflashing the SD card however it failed validation every time. A new SD card flashed fine, however it did not help the blank screen issue.

Just because I did the first time… you do have the CM4 card in the right way?.. It can be seated upside down.

If you are looking down on the card, the printing “Pi Compute Module 4” should be at the battery end not the top of the Uconsole

Yep, it’s oriented right and fully seated. From my observations, the green LED will not stay lit if the CM4 is not correctly attached.

What version cm4 are you using?

I’m using the lite version which is bundled with the UConsole

I just got my uConsole the RPI-CM4 version, too. I met the black screen at the beginnin.
I re-seat the core card again, press the two boards together tightly. And the re-seat cable of the screen.
Now it’s worked.


I have received the Uconsole.
Black screen. I have no HDMI output. I have reimaged the card.
I have reinserted the core module, the screen ribbon.

Still black screen, and green power led is lit.

Ideas ?



Solved, after many trials. The core (CM4) was not rightly inserted.


I had the same issue, however I had failed to notice the tiny strip of semi-transparent orange plastic protecting the gold contacts on the rpi mounting card…