Kernel sources?

I’m trying to compile a module for a new WiFi dongle but I’m running into problems because I don’t have the exact kernel headers that the uConsole is using. I tried updating the kernel but it failed to boot, or the display doesn’t work. Is there a list of options and/or modules and drivers that I need to take into account? I was able to extract a config file for the running kernel.

Their github has a wiki… It “should” have what you are looking for?

Hope it helps!

Edit: this is for uConsole(R01), and I apologize for the inconvenience.

You can start from my repository. It contains code for building the kernel and links to available BSP sources and toolchain, for convenience. You may complain about not having any valuable commit history, and that’s how it goes with original SDK distribution.

The old way(and the way cpi devs use) to get full SDK is linked in the in r01 patch folder. It requires an active account on a SDK distribution platform.

The new way to get D1 SDK is here, but it requires an active lv2 account in that forum.

You might also want to try’s SDK mirror.

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here are the kernel patches:

Thank you all; I’m working on it this morning. We’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile:

I’m getting 503 from that SDK mirror. It’s kind of shocking that clockworkpi doesn’t host the kernel source that they’re using, and allwinner requiring an NDA to get kernel sources is a GPL violation. This is all very disappointing,

From my knowledge, SDK for D1 series doesn’t require NDA now(source). However, Allwinner’s distribution methods do make it hard to get the SDK for people who don’t understand Chinese. And yeah, violating GPL is very disappointing.

The first method mentioned previously is no longer available to non-business clients.

Anyway, the important parts are kernel source code and toolchain. The rest are materials to build “Tina-Linux”(their own distribution based on openwrt). I’ve already uploaded unmodified linux source and toolchain to github. They are in different repositories(“uconsole-r01-bsp-{linux,toolchain}”) with their own version tags. Hope this can make your life easier.

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Thank you so much! I’ll try out your repos