Has anybody had any luck patching kernel/Rolling up Os image?

Hey Folks,

Has anybody been able to patch the latest raspbian linux kernel?

Or create a custom iso?

Any tips?


I am soon to start working on a void linux install for the uconsole

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My attempt of running ArchLinux on uConsole has produced patches for RPi kernel(tested on CM3) and a set of scripts to generate the image automatically, which might interest you.


Had a quick look. Hows it going?

Emm everything’s fine? I didn’t observe any issue that prevents uConsole from running smoothly. There do exist a minor issue with the LCD panel though, that the kernel cannot turn off LCD via DCS commands when screen is to be disabled, which seems has almost no effect on user experience.

Edit: My uConsole uses CM3. CM4 with official adapter is not tested and might not work as expected because of the hardware/device tree difference.

That would be great. I just check the github repository and it seems there’s no simple explanations on the process to create an iso using the last Raspberry pi OS (for example) and patch for specific uconsole drivers (keyboard and screen probably).

I don’t have time at the moment but I wanted to find a solution.

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