Upstream R01 kernel

Has anyone gotten an updated kernel running on R01, with either the devterm or uconsole? it looks like someone was trying here

but that thread goes cold pretty quickly. I want to try and add support for the uConsole to buildroot; a closer-to-mainline kernel may make that easier.

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mainline 6.5 kernel has no ANY display driver for D1, so you’ll get no display and lots of other peripherals.
smauel’s 6.1 kernel has display driver and other needed drivers, you’d better check this one as start point.

cool thanks – hopefully i can manipulate the allwinner dts into something that’ll work with the smauel kernel

Recently I’m trying to run both smaeul’s 6.1 and mainline 6.5 on R01. Now both will boot, but I cannot get LCD panel work on any of them.

On smaeul’s fork, the driver complains about vblank wait timed out. It looks like there’s a timing issue. HDMI works though.
On mainline 6.5, the module clock for DSI interface(which is <&tcon_top CLK_TCON_TOP_DSI> in the device tree) cannot be acquired. I spent some time but found no solution or cause.

Has anyone been successful downloading kernel source from allwinner? i’ve created an account (with some luck and some google translate) but so far no luck finding the actual kernel source. Do i need to sign an NDA? seems like a GPL violation but good luck going after anyone for it


That’s what i needed, thanks a ton!

the commit mentioned in cpi’s repo (2c3a14af7536e7a4be9f2b0550f04457ae585be6) isn’t present there unfortunately

cpi’s patches don’t apply