Keypad problems

Just got my GameShell via amazon, everything seems to work great except the D-pad is pretty finicky. Is that normal? Is there something I can do to make it a little more responsive? The up/left work great but the down/right require me to really press on them to get a button input registered. I tried some iso-alcohol on the contacts and it was slightly better, I’m hoping it will even out after it’s broken in. Maybe my cable between the keypad and main board is loose?

Thanks for your help!

Make sure the cables are completely seated properly.
Make sure you cut the dpad (and any other button for that matter) completely, making sure not to leave any plastic from where it detaches. If you don’t have flush cutters you can sand down any little bit left.
Make sure the entire unit is properly assembled.

If none of that works, there have been cases of faulty keypads, and replacements have been shipped for those. Contact customer support if you the keypad is for sure faulty.

I contacted them, was told they would send me replacement parts. After receiving that message from them, they’ve stopped responding and haven’t given me any info about the package so we’ll see what happens.