Last update before shipping (May 31st, 2018)

We are in the final days before shipping, a lot of things are happening, this final update will keep everybody up-to-date.

  1. All productions have been completed except for the Lightkey component, which are expected to finish production in this week. We will begin shipment in next week. We are sorry that our estimation from last update was off by a few days.

  2. All shipping addresses are forwarded to our shipping partner, shipment will be made from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, with ePacket as our default shipping method, other express services will be used for areas not covered by ePacket. So no worries, we have everyone covered. :smiley:

  3. There will be tracking numbers available for each shipment. At this time, we can no longer process new address update request until the shipment is finished. In case you really need to change your address or have problem receiving package in June, we could hold your shipment until all other shipment is completed upon your request.

  4. Final testing and packaging is still ongoing. It’s taking extra time, but we don’t want to rush it and make mistakes. However, we should have no problem starting shipment in next week.

  5. All things considered, with no surprises, most backers will receive the GameShell in June. Normally, ePacket, “on average to the United States, can take 10-20 days to arrive from the date of shipment. Other countries may see similar or slightly longer average shipping time.”

  6. In the same time, we will push the OS and other code to our open source software repository at GitHub. We are super excited to see some forking and improvement have been happening. Thank you all for the supports!

  7. We will send out sample units for media at the same time as everybody else. You are welcome to suggest other social media that you think we should be in contact with in this forum thread.

  8. As promised, free GameShell consoles will also be sent to schools that participated in our education plan.

  9. Any questions and suggestions are welcome to be posted for discussion in our extremely helpful and active forum community.

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Your clockwork team


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

Very good news !

Will the package of all the backers be shipped at the same time?
Is there any difference between backs of Indiegogo and Kickstarter?

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From a previous topic:

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Can you tell the estimated delivery from the backer number? If so, my backer number is 714. Can you please tell me the estimated delivery of my reward? Thanks

I ordered a GameShell 17days ago on Indiegogo and I’m now in a dilemma because I have to move to another city (Suzhou) in a few days.
If I wait for the shipment in Guangzhou (close to Shenzhen, shipment will cost less than 2 days) for 9 to 11 days (still according to this thread), it even acceptable to me because my moving will also take some days.
But if my GameShell is shipped a month after the ‘original shipment’ I have to wait for too long, and I would already be in Suzhou, but I can’t change my shipment address.
Therefore I have some problems: What should I do, and should I blame myself for not checking each thread carefully in this forum?

Disclaimer: I’m not a part of Clockwork, so the only thing I know is what’s been made public on the forum / campaigns.

There’s been no news stating that the Indiegogo GameShells are being shipped with the Kickstarter GameShells, so I can only assume the previous affirmation that they will be shipped about a month after is still in effect. In this case, I’d start now with contacting Clockwork to have your order sent to the new address. When the last update stated there will be no changes to shipping addresses, this applies only to the Kickstarter shipments, so you can still change your shipment address through contacting Clockwork.

@satoi8080 & @GoldenAgeNerd:
That all being said, this is definitely something to run by @yong. For @GoldenAgeNerd’s questions, I’d guess about a month from now, but again this would be something only @yong or one of the other Clockwork members can answer.


@aewens Thank you for all your assistance!

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Sorry to disturb you again but I just saw the latest comment on Indiegogo. The Clockwork said

We are starting shipment in next week. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your supports.

I’m getting more confused now.

From indiegogo

Zhe Zhang
16 days ago
(Where can we buy future update parts?)

Campaigner 11 days ago
We will have our own online store to buy parts and accessories soon.

With that, it looks like they’re shipping together. In which case, if you’ll be at your current address for the next week, you should be safe to keep the address as-is. (I’m sorry for the previously misleading response, I’ve only been following the Kickstarter and the forum)

Well at the same time it is a copy paste (or close to) to the KS update so they may just say that they start to ship be not necessarily for the IGG (and I hope that KS backers will be sent first as we are the one who boostrapped the project; IGG were more some sort of pre-orders)

Either way, the best approach for @satoi8080 would be to contact Clockwork directly to figure out what the best answer is, given his situation and the time-sensitivity of it. Everything we have is purely speculation.

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Yup, that’s clearly the only thing to do here

Yes, and I think the posts above should be directly enough but I don’t see the original poster @yong come out and say something. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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i have a question, i could not pre order the clockworkpi, because i had economics issue before, but now i able to buy but when i go to the indiegogo to buy the pre order looks like that all pre order are close already, so my question is, am i stil able to buy a clockworkpi device yet as a pre order or i need to wait to buy as a public product?

If there’s still a button to take the pre-order that’s working, you can pre-order it. If your question is whether your pre-order will be a part of the first shipment or a later one, that would be something to ask the Clockwork staff.

the button that you´re talking about is not working, i’m the website now and it´s not let me to make a pre-order, that i tried to tell you, is there another way to make a pre-order to buy the clockworkpi?

We will start shipping next week to all Kickstarter backers and Indiegogo backers before end of March. For indiegogo backers who pre-ordered in April and May, shipment will have to be based on the inventory after this.
@satoi8080, sorry about that, you can PM contact me to change your shipment address.
I am sorry, @lemaster, our IGG campaign also ended. we can only start to accept new orders after we made this shipment and launch our own online store soon. Please keep posted.