New Progress Update (May 15th, 2018)

Hi! All GameShell backers and friends, it’s been a busy month since our last progress update on April 16th. Please allow me to report some latest developments.

Things accomplished:

  1. All PCBA (including main-board, keypad, screen unit, speaker, battery, lightkey) have finished production and testing, and have been shipped to the final packaging factory.

  2. All accessories, cables and batteries have also been shipped to the packaging factory.

  3. Battery testing has been finished, and we are waiting for the test report.

  4. OS and UI software are ready. We are optimizing the final touch and improving visual of the user interface, before releasing code on GitHub. This could happen anytime this week, as our developer is a little shy, he wish to clean it up a little bit more for initial public debut :wink:

  5. The number of games that can play on GameShell exceed our expectation ( We could not talk about emulators here, but about 95% MAME games are supported). Because of our decent multi-core processor, game performances generally meet expectation, although GPU has not been supported ( our engineers are still working on that).

[GameShell UI and Game Play Demo Video]

Work to be completed:

  1. All plastic cases are still in production, additional 10 days are needed for finishing Surface Coating and Screen Printing.

  2. Packaging boxes need 10 days to finishing production.

  3. CE and FCC testing and certification is still undergoing, CE certificate is expected to be obtained before shipping. FCC certificate might take more time because of the wireless testing takes more time, but these should not be an obstacle for shipping.

  4. Packaging will start as soon as products arrive in the packaging factory. So we will begin making shipment from Hong Kong via ePacket at the end of May, as promised in the previous update.

We are excited to be really close to shipment, and we hope this update will get you excited as well!
Thank you again for all of your supports and patience.

“The force is strong with this one.”
Your clockwork team


For the FCC, it may be a problem in fact (but I’m not an expert on that) what you can do anyway is to start to send to EU and other non US country until the FCC is passed.

For your kernel dev, my recommendation would be to silence all the kernel log at boot and make the bootloader to show a splash-screen as possible, that would look nicer for the end user than lots of scrolling text. If you need help don’t hesitate!

I’m personally a fan of the text from the kernel log, if anything for the debugging assistance it provides.

Well depends on what you want of course, but for a finished product, it is better to now show it.

It does not mean you can’t put options to disable the splash screen!

Try convincing the Raspberry Pi manufacturers of that :wink:

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Great! Really happy to see such an update and a video like that!
It’s a shame that there’s only this one about the UI and the functioning of the console but It is surely something!

Glad to hear these updates!

As Godzil says, hiding the “text” is better for the “end” customer, as long as there’s an option for the “power” user to activate those messages.

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If you check the YouTube channel, there’s some other videos of the GameShell being demo’d.

GameShell UI:

GameShell Playing Games:

GameShell Running Games:


GameShell’s Keypad Arduino code has been uploaded to GitHub.


is possible to play music and play game in this same time?

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Can you on your computer? If yes, then yes it should be possible.

I mean by that, that linux is multitasking OS, so nothing would forbid to have a MP3 player in the BG and a game in the foreground.

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It may not be an intuitive action to perform on the Clockwork OS with the launcher, but it will still be possible (especially if run on a different OS).

If it is not there, as the shell (of the gameshell) is supposed to be opensource, that clearly a functionality that can be added

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how added if button is using as other way?

Can you please explain further? not sure to understand

YES, MAME “Big” Games are working very well from this list:

removed link

GameShell does have excellent sound effects, both of speakers and headset. coool man!