Shipment has started!

Dear GameShell backers and friends,
Thanks for all your supports and patience. We are excited to announce that we are finally starting to ship out to all backers.

  1. Yes. All backers at kickstarter and indiegogo, no one will be left behind. :v:

  2. Because of the complexity of international logistics, We were told by our shipping partner that they will send out in a few batches according to your regions, which means China backers will get it first by this weekend via SFExpress. The rest of the world should expect to receive it via ePacket in three weeks at most, with the majority be around two weeks. This is the latest news we have received.

  3. Please check your email inbox for Tracking Number in next week.

  4. All required certificates have been obtained, including CE, FCC, RoHS, etc. plus un38.3 for battery transportation safety testing.

  5. China custom export application has been approved.

  6. We will publish more assembly instructions and opensource software and hardware, you are welcome to seek or provide help at our forum.

  7. Please pay attention for safety notice and wear the safety glasses :sunglasses:, manual assembly process is not advised for children under 11 alone.

  8. Feel free to contact us at if you have any problems or questions.

It’s been a long journey since we started this project. The most valuable lesson we learned is that this whole thing won’t be possible without you. Our backers and friends, all community members, Thank You!

Happy hacking with GameShell!

Your clockwork team


:clap: :clap: Thank you for the update! Despite of the delays I’m very happy and eager to get it!!

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Sticker to the UK, hope it is mine! :smiley::joy:


Sweet! Can’t wait to receive it :slight_smile:

I sent a PM to you to change my address but got no respond. I’m so worried!!!:worried::worried::worried:

Very nice ! Great job team clockwork. Hard work pays of. Let’s get those baby’s home! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

image your telephone number ? @Godzil

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:
but no and it seems to be the number of the “sender” (should I say the warehouse)

Huh? is it shipped from a depot in the Netherlands? (At least that’s what the return address says…)

They are using a shipping service where the parcel goes in bulk to NL, they are redistributed all around the EU. This is not for the US or the rest of the world, but really EU only.

I got my GameShell!!! Yeah!!!


Just got mine. Looks fab.



I’m glad to hear they changed your address and you got it quick!

So wait… They printed the words “Portable Game Console” on the casing, and they were surprised it was rated as such?! Facepalm


To be fair, the whole Game Shell is obviously a gaming console when put together, but they’re selling the Clockwork Pi (a hackable development board) along with parts you can choose to use to assemble the Game Shell.

As the gameshell is just a plastic thing that goes around the ClockworkPi (3)

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Well, a piece of plastic and some parts (Arduino keypad, speakers, display, etc), but yes.

Anyone located in the US got their yet?

We should be getting the tracking numbers for the US shipments later this week, and they should be arriving 1-3 weeks from now (most likely 1-2).


All quiet on the shipmint front for now… but it is only tuesaday :wink: