ClockworkPi Grand Opening Sale

Last year, GameShell was successfully funded by more than 3000 backers from Kickstarter and Indiegogo, after long and patient waiting, we have finally delivered GameShell to our backers around the world!

We have made several upgrades during the past months:

  • Memory upgraded to 1GB
  • Micro SD card upgraded to 16GB
  • Micro HDMI port support added
  • Battery upgraded to 1200 mAh

Now, with these upgrades, the long wait is over! By popular demand, our official ClockworkPi Shop Grand Opening Release is ready for pre-order to GameShell friends from all over the world.

  • Our Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers will enjoy 25%OFF pre-order discount
  • Student and education users enjoy 30%OFF pre-order discount
  • All other buyers enjoy 20%OFF pre-order discount

Pre-Order Now!

We will be shipping with DHL and FedEx for all buyers on our website. Brand new gift box packaging will be used.

The first 3000 pre-order discount orders will be delivered in January 2019, tracking number and invoice will be sent to your email when shipment starts.

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Continuing the discussion from ClockworkPi Grand Opening Sale:

“* Micro HDMI port support added” :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

Shipping to Tennessee, United States: $33.00

Oof… :sweat:

Edit: I really really wanted one, but these shipping costs kind of kill the deal for me. @yong, isn’t there an economy option?


I don’t care if cheaper shipping takes 18 weeks lol

Shipping to Germany: $38,50
Ok, good luck.

Same for Greece. €187,50 is not nearly attractive enough especially since I already have one… :frowning:

Will there be an option to buy the new battery and board as a set just to upgrade the older model? I don’t need a whole new system, just a better battery and more RAM.

Look how much it would cost to send something like this from US to EU, probalby $40 to $50.

Yeah shipping from another country is not cheap. They are using FedEx and DHL which are not cheap either, but they are at least fast and reliable.

For such a pricey device, you clearly don’t want it to be damaged or lost during transit because it was send using normal post. So that rule out normal post.

@yong: is there is any plan on selling only the enclosure and not all the plastic parts? I see that you don’t have all the colours that was available during the kickstarter, are you planning to release all of them, or they now are “Kickstarter exclusive”?

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Shipping with DHL, at least here in Greece, pretty much guarantees it’ll also go through customs, so… yeah.

I agree. As long as there is no way to buy individual parts, a modular system makes no sense.

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I just want a light-key module. I had no idea it would be necessary to play games that require shoulder buttons thanks to retroarch never taking any kind of changes I try to make to the GBA emulator’s control schemes. (I’ve been trying for months) and really just want to order a light-key module and be done with it. Is this ever going to be available and for a reasonable price? Anyone know of any other options I would have to get something like it if we are never going to get this capability?

It might just be worth it to spend the money and get another kit! Shipping won’t change. Better bang for your buck, plus the new battery :slight_smile:

No matter if kit or single parts. I do not pay $39 for shipping. They have to look for new distribution channels.

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Pretty sure it cost 10$ for shipping in the kickstRter Lol

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I bought one (with the kickstarter baker price), but yeah the shipping cost appears a little crazy … :frowning:

gee I need that new board.
I would go for a bulk order for Germany, possibly Switzerland!
Send me PN and we can arrange and share the shipping costs

Ordered a student discount, white!
Please ship it out very quickly in japan, hopefully it can arrive before I leave for japan! Would love to use it on the plane trip :smiley: The problem is: the more you order, the bigger the package will be and the more shipping costs will increase.

well, two boards cost still 38,50 € but a third one makes 50,50?! as if a CPI board would take up such a weight. sorry but clockwork, what the hell are you calculating there? DHL does use weight for calculating shipping costs, not arbitrary sizes you draw from nowhere. I would even suspect you are trying to cross-finance something here :frowning:

nonetheless, sharing makes sense in a bulk order. It makes a mere 16,84€ shipping per board if three are ordered. so five is 12,50 € per Board for five. If I look at shipping within Germany, we talk about +3,99€ per Person, so three people would get a for 21,83 € shipping and five for 16,49 € shipping. Still a respectable discount compared to 38,50 € each.