[Launcher] Adding Bulgarian language suport

Hello everyone, I translated the launcher to Bulgarian language to the best of my abilities (Its a really hard language to translate haha) for my fellow Bulgarians. Let me know if you find better wording or some mistakes.

I created a pull request but you can also find the translations here: https://github.com/Mihaylov93/launcher/blob/master/sys.py/langs/08_Bulgarian.ini

Download the file, and copy it to


Reload the UI or reboot and enjoy.


good , included now


I based it on the english file and there seems to be a duplicated line: https://github.com/clockworkpi/launcher/blob/f55cb1aa8d4d6a4461f1079e881c761312df8c99/sys.py/langs/00_English.ini#L82

ok got it …