Spanish tranlation for "launcher"

Hi, just passing by.

What I really like of this console is I can edit almost any file on it. Yesterday I translated the launcher to Spanish (my main language). Remember this is the translation for “launcher” and not “launchergo”.

In case anyone is interested here it is (changed link to official git repo since it’s already up to date):

Just copy and paste theses lines into a new file in the following path:

Choose it from the language options and you are good to go.



will be included in next update

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@guu Thanks for publishing my translation in such a short time in a new update! Also thanks for uploading the one in french made by @UD37 even if I don’t speak french.

Although yesterday I detected and fixed a few errors in the translation of which I was unaware when I published this thread. You can check the differences in the revisions of the gist.

Could you please update it to the latest version? Just when you think it’s convenient.


I have a small “bug” that I attribute to the translation. By chance, I have opened RetroArch from the menu to make some adjustments, and when I click to close RetroArch and exit to the menu, the GameShell is blocked. However, by putting the language in English, I do not have that problem. Does that problem only happen to me?

I haven’t experienced that all. Can anyone confirm? Does also happen if you put it in French?

just give me the raw url of your latest translation file
or even create a git pull request


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It’s the same URL. It’s already updated.

Thanks. :+1:t2: