Launcher Customization

So I know this was designed as a hack-able platform, but seeing as it was built from the ground up, it would be nice to have a basic understanding of the system is designed to function, after boot-up; Specifically how the launcher behaves…

Prior to the launcher, after auto-login, .bashrc is calling “startx”, which uses feh to display the loading screen, executes the launcher (~/apps/launcher/ then fires up custom twm window manager (~/apps/twm.mod).

So, a few questions about the launcher…
Where is the main “skin” defined, and can it be changed?
Any plans to allow for other WM’s, or launchers? (Like EmulationStation)
What’s the relationship between TWM and the launcher?

I understand that the contents of: /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/
define which main menu items to display, but other than “10_Settings” and “20_Retro Games”, how is the menu order defined, since it’s not alphabetical or numerical?

What’s the relationship between “/home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/” and “/home/cpi/games/”? For instance, if I remove “/home/cpi/games/NESTOPIA” and reboot, the directory gets recreated. Can I add directories, with my own action.config files? Where are the icon’s defined? Can directories be permanently removed?

Also, seems odd to me to even have a Retro Games menu item, and a Retroarch menu item. Since they both go to the same place, or at least do the same thing, pick one! Can I remove the “Retro Games” menu option entirely, and just use “Retroarch”?

Anyways, a general understanding, or even some documentation on the layout, functionality, or goals of the launcher would be a big help. Trying to make changes to the system, just to have them reverted is a waste of time.



I think that you love this: How to add icons on the homescreen that link to emulators?

Menu items are sorted in lexicographical order: “10_Foo” < “20_Bar” < “Foo” < “bar”.


If you ssh in or mount the sd card on another linux system it is all very clear and obvious.


Thats a good place to start. Also, see here in the mean time:

The config.cfg allows you to add custom color values. The other folders have the icons that you would change or replace.

For more hints about what you can change look here too:

Thanks, I’ve figured out most of that already, and even made a custom skin: Skin Development!

One thing we haven’t figured out yet, is what High, URL, and Active represent, any ideas?

Anyone figure out how to rearrange the main Launcher?

Like change the order? Easy. Just change the names of the folders and .sh files. Notice the folders have 10_Settings 20_Retro Games? Well you can use that numbering system to arrange all your files.

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that’s awesome! what about and cavestory, doom? if I rename that ill screw it up

Just found out that the “black” colour is the background colour on the shut-down timeout screen

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