Hello, I'm new here and am bringing presents!

Hi Clockwork Pi Community,

I have been lurking here for a while in search for answers to my various questions, but never really needed to post. So to return a favour and as a thanks to the community, I would like to share with you guys what you helped me to come up with.

A modified version of the launcher I use, and a skin I recently put together with some resources found in here.

Launcher: https://github.com/domichal/mylauncher
Theme: https://github.com/domichal/GameSH-Theme-Greey

I hope you’ll enjoy and any kind of feedback will be very welcome. Thanks!


Hello there! Nice of you to come bearing gifts!
Fantastic! I love it!
It reminds me of my Nike Apple Watch theme haha.
The icons look like they’re the ones from here: Editable Icons Project - Fixing and expanding the default theme's icons

Just out of interest, does the launcher modification change the init.py entry in the list_page.py settings list; and thus would there be a change in directory name for the launcher?

I’m wondering, as I am currently also using a multi launcher modification, and come into some problems with cross updating launchers.

If updating the launcher while using the “mylauncher”, would it only update the contents of the stock “launcher” directory?

And furthermore, if updating the said stock launcher, do the init.py and list_page.py values get overwritten? If doing so while in the stock launcher, all is well, however while in other launchers, it tends to break the installation.

I see that you’ve implemented a script to manage launcher updating! That is pure genius! Was this to overcome the aforementioned updating problems? I’m guessing that using the stock launcher update option is now out of the question. Has this been removed to reflect this?

And the final question I promise haha!! Would I be able to use this in a custom image that I am working on; modifying the code slightly to accomodate my launchers? I will certainly credit you in the thread.

Thanks for your amazing contribution! :slight_smile:

Hey. No changes to init.py or lits_page.py or anything really in stock “launcher” directory. All I needed to modify outside the launcher’s own folder was ~/.bashrc

Mylauncher is standalone and can be completely separate to the launcher, so I’d say you’re good to go with applying your modifications.
What connects the two for me mostly is that I use launcher’s menu folders to link them in mylauncher, so I rely on launcher’s content, but it’s up to you how you use having separation. You can even fully replace original launcher with my launcher, just copy your stuff over instead of linking anything from launcher.

If it comes to update, this just calls git pull and makes hard reset on mylauncher folder, so you need to check out the folder first for this option to even appear for you.

Generic options work exactly as they used to, funny enough if you follow my advice on populating the folders, you’ll end up with an option to update launcher from my launcher, so no changes there either.
So the update mechanism is neither removed nor reimplemented. Mylauncher currently just uses git for updates. For now.

The biggest advantage of “mylauncher” is separation of user menus. I’d say give it a go, it looks that it should be safe for your setup.
Making a backup is always advisable though! :slight_smile:

On your last question, this sounds interesting and I want to hear more, but not here and not now as it’s past 3AM over here. Will be back here tomorrow, surely!
But yeah, why not. Make sure to QA it well first! :wink:

P. S.
And yes, I had different link, but these are the same icons.

P. P. S
I’m so rude. Thank you for a very nice feedback!

P. P. P. S.
Back after a good sleep :slight_smile: Sure, can confirm again, feel free to use whatever you need from my launcher. I hope you find my improvements worthy. Keep me updated on this one please. Thanks!

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The mylauncher screwed up my gameshell

Only the power icon shows up @domichal

Alright read through everything, how do I uninstall it? I don’t know how to reverse the steps

Was your stock launcher’s folder structure modified?
I am guessing that the mylauncher depends on being able to link back to existing stock folders being in their expected respective locations. Then you move them around in mylauncher, allowing custom layouts.

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I can’t remember lol, I just want it off, so I can use my gameshell again

On FileZilla I tried to delete the mylauncher folder, now my gameshell just boots up then a blank screen

@HalfBlood, @javelinface is right about the menu relation (thanks Dude!)

Having only a power icon is a proper, expected behaviour after mylauncher installation. The menu needs to be populated manually. This is explained in details in the readme file.

Here’s how you remove the launcher:

mv ~/.bashrc.bak ~/.bashrc
rm ~/.startrc
rm -rf ~/mylauncher

I’ve added it to the readme.


You should be able to to a git pull the original launcher, if you deleted a folder.
You should still be able to SSH into the Gameshell, even though it’s not booting up.

In fact, try even:

cd /home/cpi/
git pull

That should reset the entire CPI directory.

@domichal - Could you possibly include a “rescue” script that can be run to restore ~/.bashrc, in case there are future problems like this? I am a huge fan of this, and would hate for people to not use this, fearing it will mess things up. Heck, even having a disclaimer saying “PLEASE BACK UP YOUR INSTALLATION” in the installation script will make sure people don’t break things like above.

I’ve added a few additional lines to encourage people to backup .bashrc if they install manually.
Installation script was already creating a copy of this file, but I added additional info in two places to make people aware of that happening.
Uninstallation paragraph covers the “rescue” for those who installed with a script, those installing manually should be able to just revert the steps.
I hope this will suffice. Let me know if not.

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You are an absolute champion!! Now there’s no excuse to not try this! Honestly, it should almost be considered to be standardised, given how push updates on stock systems break so many peoples system.
Put it this way. Anyone who has their launcher break after using your script would have had if break, once they updated their own launcher through regular means.
Thanks for implementing things so quickly!

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