Let's plan how to use DevTerm device

I think the reason why we be here together, it’s we like the DevTerm very much.
Let’s imagine how could we use DevTerm, what project could be planned and even develope at once.

I’ve developed a Retro-BASIC-Interpreter software, let’s CREAT more!


I want to get back to developing stuff like with the gameshell, I will wait and see if a need is created and if I could solve it.


I’m really excited for the thermal printer, honestly. I can think of a ton of cute little art projects I’d wanna do with it.


Hey, fantastic idea for a thread!! I love positivity and foresight!

One thing I got running on the gameshell was PokeMMO.

The problem is, the resolution of the screen just wasn’t good, without plugging it into a TV. And of course, having to carry a keyboard to chat kinda defeats the purpose of it being portable.

The devterm will solve ALL of these problems.

On the topic of pokemon, the thermal printer is pretty darn close to the old Gameboy printer. Just saying, this could be the next best thing!

Nintendo DS emulation in general could be interesting, with the screens side by side. The track ball/nipple would make a fine stylus substitute.

Gaming wise again, having it as a steam link device could be fancy. Or heck, just running steam on it, using official Linux ports of games. It should be plenty powerful.


Well, maybe make some game and do some SSH work.
I am more curious about the plan of shipping.

Gaming and SSH sounds ambitious! Can’t wait to receive mine! :slight_smile:

Can we keep things positive, and less anxious here? There are already two other threads where people can voice their opinions re: shipping.

Here’s one:

Here’s another:

They’re different topics, but unfortunately they ended up containing the same thing.
Let’s not make this thread turn into those ones.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


man, this game is gud

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I love the thermal printer too.
Apart from that, I am thinking of:
(2) play some retro games like DOS games;
(3) writing
(4) music making (thinking of getting a sythn app on that?)
(5) code some tic-80 or pico-8 games.


once the Pixel Vision 8 fantasy computer supports ARM, I’m absolutely gonna use it on here!


Im planning mosly to use it as a fancy portable SSH-terminal for admin purposes, mail client perhaps, mobile typewriter-ish device while traveling with the train and some (retro-)gaming for sure. These are my main use-cases, perhaps also some developement with Arduino-based hardware-projects. I guess the aspect ratio of the display is not intended for watching movies.

But let’s see what this magic box will be usefull too. I’m thinking of using the termal-printer for creating PostIt-like notes to remember me of things, perhaps also usable for some 8-bit-retro streetart thingies? Who knows?? :wink:


Ooh wait, I just thought of a cool use! A few years back, there was this project called Little Printers that was basically a thermal printer fax machine (albeit over websockets instead of fax). Its original servers went down, but there’s an open-source effort keeping the original devices alive. I’d love to figure out a way to make a DevTerm act as a Little Printer, so you can share the keys with your friends and send messages without having to rely on this one thing that stopped being made years ago.


Having one as an always on machine would be interesting! Like an actual communication terminal! Combine that with adding a camera, and possibly an actual sim/esim, it could be a very interesting use of the devterm!

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I got a palm sized thermal printer and programmed a microcontroller to print out my business deets. Which was also just big enough to use under an 18650 wrapper sleeve.

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all kinds of hobby stuff. dumb term into my clusterpi, just to start

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I would like to use it as a portable retro style synth / music tracker + some python low graphic (or text only) games dev

  1. I was thinking about try milky tracker on it

i love watching trackers play

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I am a professional web developer so I plan to use it as a tool to explore various programming concepts e.g. algorithm, data structure, logic programming in my favorite languages.

Text only output is fine but if it can support graphics output that would be fantastic which could open me up to graphics programming or data visualization.

DevTerm is like a glorified calculator for programming that I can take anywhere as best ideas often come when I am out of my desk. NumWorks calculator looks really good but it only supports Python.


actually thats not a bad idea. i could probably hook up a piezo buzzer and write beep code tunes

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I do disagree on that.
There is no numeric keypad, so no can’t be a calculator. Also the TI-92 which is one of the biggest calculator had a full QWERTY keyboard, and still had proper Math dedicated keys, and also was not accepted everywhere as a calculator because of the keyboard. (and size)


The DevTerm is a fancy SBC (Single Board Computer), but not a calculator, unless you put all computers as being a “glorified calculator”?