Lets play Alex the Allegator 4


Alex the Allegator 4
In the latest installment of the series Alex travels through the jungle in search of his kidnapped girlfriend. Plenty of classic platforming in four nice colors guaranteed!


  • Allegro
  • DUMB
    To install the above libraries in GameShell ssh and:
sudo apt-get -y install liballegro4.4 libdumb1 libaldmb1

To install on GameShell (OS v0.4), ssh to it and issue:

curl -sL https://github.com/pleft/alex4/releases/download/v1.1-gs/AlexTheAllegator4.tar.gz | tar -xvz --directory "/home/cpi/apps/Menu/21_Indie Games/"

Then reload the UI and navigate to Indie Games and launch Alex4

Jump: B
Fire: A
Enter: START

Source code: https://github.com/pleft/alex4
Original: http://allegator.sourceforge.net/

Another way to play this game is to install it directly from the apt repos and use the script described in this thread: Alex4 (Alex The Alligator 4)


What was the purpose of doing a new build just to change the keys? The game is already available on the GameShell via the debian apt repos, you can just use xmodmap to temporarily re-map the keys and set the display resolution in alex4.ini like i did Alex4 (Alex The Alligator 4)

Geez chill, maybe this was just an update, it’s not hurting anyone

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@Cecilectomy hi, you have posted a great workaround to make the game playable through remapping with your script, honestly although I have liked :heart: your thread in the past I didn’t remember that the game has been already posted (searched in the forum for “allegator” and not “alligator” prior creating this thread).

I don’t see any harm to (or having to apologize for) making builds specifically for GameShell, many OSS games can be made playable in GS by just changing the resolution and the key mapping and that’s not always configurable outside of the binary itself. So why not? This device needs as much support as we can give and providing ports of known games and an easy way to install them for newcomers is my purpose.


…I wasn’t getting upset. And no, it isn’t hurting anyone, it’s just redundant and fragmenting. Legitimately curious what the purpose was when remapping keys is typically done if the keys are not correct (you don’t need to “port” it’s already ported)

@elefas I never asked you to apologise I just asked what the purpose was when there is already a pretty common solution.

I’m not sure why you guys are taking my comment as hostile, it’s just a question.

I never took you comment as hostile in fact I replied in a very polite way. I think my answer above covers your question if it is not clear or enough for you I can’t do anything more. All I did was to provide a build, don’t call it port if you don’t want, with the right controls can’t see what’s wrong with it or why I should have special purposes for doing this.

P.s Scummvm also exists in apt repos for GameShell. It is ported as you would say. With a small detail. You can’t use it without mouse (or flashing the arduino keypad to simulate mouse). So you have to use the retroarch core instead which works with the keypad.


Oh nice! Thanks @elefas for posting this. I actually had no idea about this game before hand!
I guess it makes sense, and fulfils the purpose of the Games category :wink:

Talk about your favorite retro games.

(also, I love your “lets play” series in general. I’ve bookmarked them all!)

Ah I wish I had of seen yours @Cecilectomy! Consolidating both of these posts could be a thing I guess? But also, as mentioned above, I’ve grown accustomed to @elefas’s use of the “lets play” series of posts, so I kind of homed onto it. I’ll be sure to look out for yours too! Thanks!! :slight_smile:


For those who have problems running the game, I figured out it needs another library to be installed. So please ssh to your GS and issue:

sudo apt-get install libaldmb1

Then try running the game again. I will update also the original post to include this step

@javelinface Thanks for your kind comments, this community needs all of us. Merging the threads would be great if the mods can do it and of course if @Cecilectomy is ok with it.


perfectly fine with me :+1:

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Good thing there isn’t too much discussion in either gaining too much momentum. Probably would be best to merge yours with this one, wouldn’t you agree @Cecilectomy? Thoughts?

I’m not really sure how to do it, I do not see any options anywhere. I’m assuming an admin or mod would have to do it. I’m fine with it though.