Let's play Hydra Castle Labyrinth



Hydra Castle Labyrinth

forked from: https://github.com/ptitSeb/hydracastlelabyrinth (many thanks for this great game!)

To install on GameShell (OS v0.2), ssh to it and issue:

curl -sL https://github.com/pleft/hydracastlelabyrinth/releases/download/v1.0.0-GS.1/hydracastlelabyrinth.tar.gz | tar -xvz --directory "/home/cpi/apps/Menu/21_Indie Games"

Then reload the UI and navigate to Indie Games folder to find the shortcut for HCL

Start: Enter
Menu: ESC
D-pad: move left right, climb up/down stairs, open chests (up button)
A: slash
B: jump
X: secondary weapon


Works! I had to tweak the install directory in your example a bit to match the one on my GS though.

It’s a bit slow and the music is a bit choppy. Turned the music off for good measure. :wink: I can imagine this will run a bit better using the new main board.

All in all a nice addition to my games collection, cheers!


Nice game

So is this totally ok to include into gameshell os without any copyright issue?


Well it’s GPL v2 licensed, I guess it is ok (I am no expert though to tell for sure)


Nice addition. Ok, so now I just need to get a cool icon to replace the “In” generic icon.
Anyone got a good icon for indie games?





Haha intuitive! Like it!


Like RH? Raspbian is Debian-based though


Oh, an Indy hat. LOL nice.


Indiana Jones hat… “Indy”/“indie”, get it? :wink: