ClockworkPi Graphics

ok, so I’m looking to customize my menu system and I started by pulling all the images. after a bit of time I’ve realized something like a complete program to make it a lot easier to create/apply/change themes would be a good idea and i’ve started pondering ways to implement it but I’m digressing. the reason for this post is that I found a sheep. she’s in a couple parts like she’s meant to be animiated, anyone know anything about this sheep? PS Suggestions/ideas for a theme app type thing are welcome. I’m thinking SDL2 c++ so it can easily be made cross platform as well. but again I’m here asking about this hidden sheep.

I was planning on making a python module for the menu to manage themes and submit a pull request into the launcher, but my last pull request still hasn’t been accepted and merged in (I updated the menu code so it wraps to the end / beginning of the menu icons when navigating the menu).

One thing to note, is that the launcher code is very fragile when it comes to the theme. If anything is missing from a custom theme, or the launcher updates and expects new files to exist, it generally just crashes and you have to reboot. It really should fall back to files in the default theme when they are missing. In general the way the launcher works is a mess. I almost want to just write a completely custom launcher.

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OMG,sorry for the missing noticed , in this half month ,be busy on other project
and for the github email notification, my email inbox is full of bugs and other project’s progress emails
so it looks like a mess

your PR is merged

And for the theme

we’re going to strip out the theme so that launcher can load a specific theme directory, which will make it easier for users to use resource files like their favorite icons.will do that soon

thanks for your PR

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Awesome. I’ll keep an eye out. And thanks!

this is all amazing. Python would be a great way to go about. Cecilectomy would you like to collaborate on a python version of a theme manager/editor? I was thinking we could replace the existing files with symbolic links to a theme folder and then the application would just need to update these links to a new themes folder when they are changed. if you like the idea and want to discuss it msg me

Potentially. We’ll see what happens over the coming month. I will be busy for a few weeks, but after that, I’d be happy to contribute what I can.

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awesome. I’m just about done getting a clockwork virtual machine built from qemu-system-arm and debians arm branch. once I have that at least working and can get it out publicly I’ll start on my idea. I’m going to clone the existing launcher and likely make a fork in the end, but i’ll add you to the repo when I get there

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