Lets watch NyanCat

If you followed the instructions to install the FloppyBird game you can skip the steps until making the gamefolder for Nyancat

Open Retroarch on your gameshell
Select Load Cores
Select Download Core
Select Chailove
Quit Retroarch

Connect your device to your gameshell with SSH

Lets move the core to the emulators folder.
(If you use another folder to save your downloaded cores navigate there)

mv ~/.config/retroarch/cores/chailove_libretro.so /home/cpi/apps/emulators

Make a folder for the game (start here if you allready have Floppybird installed)

mkdir ~/games/NyanCat

Lets download the game

cd ~/games/NyanCat
wget https://github.com/ocr-junky/ChaiLove-NyanCat

Make the .sh file

nano ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/NyanCat.sh
(change NyanCat if you want another name in the menu)


retroarch -L /home/cpi/apps/emulators/chailove_libretro.so /home/cpi/games/NyanCat/ChaiLove-NyanCat/main.chai

Save and quit

Move the icon to ~/apps/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell

cd ~/apps/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ocr-junky/GS_Icons/Icons/NyanCat.png

Make sure the icon has the same name as the .sh file. In this case NyanCat.png

Reboot and happy watching the rainbow cat :smiley:


My life is now complete.

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I can’t get it to boot for the life of me. I tried chown and chmod. Tried the steps twice. Just boots back to launcher. Any tips?!

Fixed! I had to download the zip and extract the files myself. Not sure why, but hey! Hooray!image


image Curious if anyone knows how to make the screen res smaller (like the clockwork pic. I included a screenshot)

I’d also like the “Nyaned for xx seconds” to not be there.

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Just edit the main.chai.

nano ~/games/NyanCat/main.chai (adjust if you saved the main.chai in a other folder)

Edit to Resolution from

t.window.width = 340
t.window.height = 260


t.window.width = 1020
t.window.height = 780

To remove the text delete this from main.chai

// Text at the bottom.
var scoreInt = 2 // Port the time to an integer.
scoreInt = time
var text = "YOU'VE NYANED FOR " + to_string(scoreInt) + " SECONDS"  love.graphics.print(text, love.graphics.getWidth() / 2 - activeFont.getWidth(text) / 2, love.graphics.getHeight() - activeFont.getHeight(text) * 4)

To move the cat more to the right side of the screen adjust

catX = love.graphics.getWidth() / 2 - images[0].getWidth() / 2


catX = love.graphics.getWidth() / 1.3 - images[0].getWidth() / 2

The result looks like this:



There is a simpler way to do the nyancat thing because you can directly grab it on the retroarch’s build-in app store! Try the following steps:

Open Retroarch on your gameshell
Select Online Updater
Select Content Downloader
Select Chailove
Select NyanCat.chailove
(also update the Chailove core if you haven’t done so)

Go back yo Main Menu
Select Load Content
Select the Downloads folder
Load NyanCat.chailove

Happy nyaning~~!! (^o^)

You can for sure, it has the you have been nyaning text, the last time i checked.

Thnx dude! I was actually experimenting last night with x location and the res, and got the same conclusion as you. I put catX at 1.25

Thanks for checking out ChaiLove and having some great ideas of how NyanCat can improve :blush:

Just pushed up a fix to make it so that when you push the Start button, it’ll show/hide the text. Feel free to push up more updates through Pull Requests! https://github.com/RobLoach/ChaiLove-NyanCat

t.window.width = 640
t.window.height = 480
catX = love.graphics.getWidth() / 1.6 - images[0].getWidth() / 2

would be better.