Loose diode in a new box :(

Got my uConsole CM4 Lite, and there was a loose SMD diode floating around the box, and no idea where exactly that came from… The size is about 3.5mm, so it’s a pretty large one. Haven’t heard from support yet, but I wonder if anyone would be willing to snap a few pics of their mainboard and other PCBs to compare? Or lend a pair of keen eyes :smiley:

The part:

Can’t attach more than one pic apparently.

I can’t seen to find pics of the correct compute module either…

Left is shipped with UConsole, right is found on the internet

I did a quick opening of mine but I don’t want to do a full disassembly (with keyboard board etc.). Anyway, I have no element either in the place you circled, so that’s not what I would suspect.
Check the back (carried-board-facing) of the CM4 board, there are 3 similarly-looking chips next to each other, maybe it’s one of those?

Seems you can upload multiple images into a single post. Just wait for the upload to complete and press image button again.

Anyway, back of CM4 board, three black chips on the left (left of crystal)?

Mainboard without CM4. I don’t see anything that fits.

Mainboard with CM4. Nothing that fits either, if you have a square chip on the bottom-left surrounded by 4 rectangular chips.

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Thank you, that helps!

Was double checking everything this morning, and I think I found it! On the back side of the mainboard:

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damn, i’ve just disassembled mine R01 to write the same xD
glad you’ve found it :slight_smile:


Woohoo, soldered it back in, and we are live! Thank you all!


Good job!
That’s the way to do it.

Had two smd parts ripped off during shipping on my devterm too.
The dip switches on the devterm keyboard
And a capacitor on the cm4.
Both got replaced by clockwork pi, just took some time for the replacement to finally arrive…